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Sapphire Coast JUNE 17 227

Innovative Land Management on the Sapphire Coast


Sure Gro Tree Max Australia – Working with Land Managers Nationally

Environmental Specialist Dale Tunstall spent some time in the Sapphire Coast area recently, meeting with staff from South East Local Land Services to discuss their projects, issues and opportunities within the region. Around 8 hour’s drive from Melbourne, the landscape is quite dynamic, ranging from alpine, coastal and intertidal to rich valleys.

High on the agenda is the continued protection and enhancement of Biodiverse waterways and associated landscapes. LLS both provides funding to landholders that are willing to participate in these projects, and also coordinates a range of contractors to ensure great outcomes.

Dale talked with Shannon Brennan and Andrew Taylor at their office in Bega, before visiting some properties in the area.

“Landholders in the district get the opportunity to provide an expression of interest,” Shannon said. “If the landholder is willing to have works undertaken, within key areas of importance, we engage with them on the ground. We then visit their site to discuss options and make an overall assessment. From there, we take the details to a Natural Resource Management (NRM) technical panel for further assessment. If the project is feasible, the Landholder is notified and a Management plan is agreed to.”

Andrew notes that the establishment of vegetation in areas frequented by cattle and other stock is high on the LLS agenda. “We are in one of Australia’s largest dairy production areas, so we need to work with the fact that production from the land and the enhancement of it goes hand in hand. We need to find that balance.

“Having a working relationship with the landholders, technical staff and suppliers is a must for us. There always seems to be something new available to assist us on the ground. SureGro TreeMax has staff with the knowledge to offer real solutions for us. Especially given that our work can span so many different land types, jurisdictions and overall complexity. We find them really easy to deal with.”

Dale spent time with Shannon and Andrew in discussions around some fantastic new products, such as the Biodegradable Tree Guard Sleeve and the Coreflute “Beast” Range, as well as improvements in other products.

“It is a must to not only offer great service to customers, but to take the time and listen to their needs,” Dale said. “I am firmly of the belief that thinking outside the square can really bring your customers results. The best way to do this is to draw on your experience and listen really hard to the people trying to achieve great things for our environment.”


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